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New lesson.
Tuesday, January 7, 2014 | 0 raindrops
I just want to tell you about what I have learnt today about life.

So, today at school, during Physics, my teacher was joking about something I couldn't remember. I sat beside my friend in the lab. She was laughing her ass off but then some people made a 'shhh' whisper. From that, I know that they are annoyed by her at the moment? But then, despite of that 'shhh' whisper, she was still laughing like a really mad person. I'm serious, even if you're with her, it's not the joke that is funny but her laughter.

After that, I told her, "Did you hear that? Someone is asking you to shut up." She replied, "Yes, I know." Unbelievably, I was suprised that she knows. How did she manage to ignore some people? After a very long time learning, she finally said, "In this world, there's not even a human that is not hated. If someone is not hated, then that person must be an angel." From that, I know, every one of us is not perfect.

I kept in silent after I heard what she said. I should have realised long time ago that if someone hates us, then it's normal. We weren't born to please anyone too. And just now, I saw a girl from the internet said,
❝ It pisses me off so much when people are afraid to admit what they enjoy doing. for example, if someone liked reading and didn't want to say they do bc they're worried someone might call them a nerd, or if you like horror and gory shit but wouldn't like to mention it bc people will call you a creep. seriously just do what you fucking love and don't give a shit what people think bc you weren't put on this earth to impress everyone. ❞
"Don't give a shit what people think because you weren't put on this Earth to impress everyone." Preach. I thank Allah for giving me someone who finally can understand me. Even if she doesn't, I hope she can read my attitude that I actually need someone to knock me off and stop caring about people. I hope she can be my friend who will always be with me through ups and downs. I should care for myself too. I was hurt but I always put a smile on my smile until no one knows that I was actually hurt.