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So, hi?
Tuesday, January 7, 2014 | 0 raindrops
Happy New Year! It's almost a week since 2014 but who cares.

So, hi. It's exactly 2 years since I last blogging. psh. I decided to come back here with a really new me. I've changed all the things here so maybe some of you might not even read these and some of you might have automatically unfollowed me because of the new url. That's a good thing tbh because I need some privacy for myself. I only let people I trust to read my blog only so if you're chosen then thank me later.

The reason of this sudden comeback is actually, I realised that I kind of have a lot problems. Not about family matters, but about myself. I am trying to be more mature as I'm growing and I need to start thinking about my future. Lately, I've been having problems with my friends so I think I need someone or some place to let out my feelings. I just feel I need to.

I don't think I should start talking about my friends right now because it will just ruin my mood tbh. So I think that is all I need to say? And oh if one of you who is reading this and not automatically unfollowed me and is my schoolmate or classmate or whatever as long as you can see me whenever, please keep it as a secret and you may not tell the others about this or I will chop off your neck. It won't be that bad but I will do something if you can't keep it as a secret.

That's all. Toodles!